Method Changelog

This section lists all updates and changes made to the RFFE Model, with corresponding version numbers. RFFE versions are named after the year with the extension incremented for each change. Each change to the underlying model, parameter file, interpolation model or region map results in an updated version number. If you need to rerun the model using an older version, contact ARR.

Version RFFE Model 2016 v1


Small update. Temporarily disabled results for the arid region pending investigation of the cause of anomalies in the region. Removed zone 1 station due to anomalous results in the ROI parameters. Graphs where added for the RFFE results compared with results from nearby gauges within the region.

Added graphs:

  • 1% AEP vs Catchment Area
  • Shape Factor vs Catchment Area
  • 50% AEP, 6 Hour duration Rainfall Intensity vs Catchment Area
  • Bias Correction Factor vs Catchment Area

Version RFFE Model 2015 v1


The first officially released version. This version includes changes from user testing that are not included in the stage 3 report. This includes updated parameter files for each region with significant changes to Pilbara model and region boundary.

Additional changes:

  • Implemented Bias Correction Factor
  • Use natural neighbours for results interpolation where possible
  • Use the latest BoM IFDs
  • Added ellipse that approximates the input catchment shape
  • Region map: 2015region.1
  • Parameter file: 2015parameter.1
  • LPIII AMS model in all regions except arid